Nounish Chronicles: The Candidates in Town, Zero-Vote Shenanigans, and More!

Get the scoop on the latest Nounville adventures! Explore Zero-Vote channels, creative extravaganzas, builder prop parties, and the fun-filled Lil Nouns marketing fiesta. Stay updated and stay groovy!

Navigating Lil Nouns DAO: Prop 136, Prop 137, and Gas Refunds

Explore the impact of Lil Nouns DAO Proposals 136 and 137, the dynamics of dynamic quorum, gas refunds, and their potential influence on proposal outcomes and voter participation. Dive into the intricacies of these governance upgrades for a deeper understanding of Lil Nouns evolving decentralized ecosystem.

Nouns DAO Cancels v3 Upgrade for Safety Review

Nouns DAO's careful decision to temporarily suspend the v3 upgrade exemplifies its unwavering commitment to safety, fostering an environment where community-driven governance thrives.

Nouns Builder Expands: Embracing Layer 2 Scalability

Nouns Builder is expanding its reach to Layer 2 solutions in a significant advancement for scalability and efficiency in the Builder ecosystem. The post explores the transition, Layer 2 solutions, bridging mechanisms, and community involvement.

Unveiling bitNouns: Navigating Nounish Governance

This post explores the inception, purpose, and potential of bitNouns in the Nounish ecosystem, and its role in governance within the world of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

Delegation Campaign Epoch 1

Explore the delegation campaign of the DAO, understand its purpose, and meet the list of 15 suitors ready and willing to vote on your behalf. Learn the process and choose your delegate.

Composable governance

This post dives into our experiment in composable governance in web3, the potential implications, and how our projects Nouns and SZNS contribute to this groundbreaking governance model. We also explore the interaction between different governance protocols and envision the future of web3 governance.

How To Join a DAO: Step-by-Step Guide

Decisive guide on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Explains what is a DAO, how it works, how to join one, along with examples of reliable DAOs to invest.

Sub-DAO Culture: Breaking Down The DAO

Explore the world of DAO and sub-DAOs, a new development in the NFT community. Learn about their importance, problems they solve, and how they are established.

Best CC0 NFT Projects To Look Out For

Ever since its inception, CC0 (C-C-Zero, not C-C-Oh) in NFTs has been an interesting concept to play with. The idea of NOT copyrighting an easily “copyable” digital artwork, ironically creating more value for the original artist, is indeed a fascinating phenomenon.

On-chain NFTs and Why They’re Better

An in-depth exploration of on-chain non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including what they are, their benefits, and examples of promising on-chain NFT projects. Discover why on-chain NFTs might shape the future of the NFT industry.