Nouns DAO & Builders: Embracing Change and Innovation

A deep dive into the latest developments in the Nouns DAO and Builders community, showcasing the power of decentralized governance and innovation.

The Nouns community is abuzz with exciting developments and changes. We will delve into the two recent updates that have captured the attention of Nouns enthusiasts: Nouns DAO and the Nouns Builders. These updates reflect the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Nouns ecosystem, where innovation and collaboration thrive.

Section 1: Nouns DAO - Embracing Change and Controversy

The Nouns DAO's latest newsletter, “pitchFORKs”, introduces readers to the upcoming Nouns Fork, which has sparked lively discussions within the community. The fork has awakened dormant Nouns legends, including xaix (the buyer of Noun 1) and wag (an active early nouner), who have now taken a stand against it. beautifulnfts, a prominent figure within the Nouns community, has relentlessly spoken against the move and has attempted to buy an alien punk to make the fork less appealing.

The newsletter provides a glimpse into the evolving landscape of NFT ownership and governance, where different perspectives clash. It highlights the power of collective decision-making within the DAO, as evidenced by Tycoon's custom contract that allows the purchase of an alien punk with stETH. This development showcases the community's creativity in implementing novel solutions.

Additionally, the newsletter features an open edition mint on OpenSea, displaying close-ups of the sculpture Nouns funded via Proposal 48. In collaboration with Friends With Benefits, this initiative represents a meaningful step in promoting art within the Nouns ecosystem.

Section 2: Nouns Builders - Unveiling the Bali Upgrade and Beyond

Amidst the vibrant Nouns ecosystem, Nouns Builders has been at the forefront of innovation. Their latest upgrade, titled “Bali”, brings forth significant enhancements. Introducing "Token Claiming" allows creators to reserve tokens during the DAO creation process, fostering membership retention from existing communities. "Alternate Core Contract Implementations" offers users the freedom to choose from different contract versions, further expanding the customization possibilities.

The "Protocol Fees" system is a testament to the community's long-term vision. They ensure sustainable growth by allocating a percentage of auction revenue back to Builder DAO. The opt-in feature demonstrates a thoughtful approach, empowering users to decide when and how to participate.

A standout feature, the "Sequential Media Metadata Renderer," enables the use of diverse media types in DAO token artwork. This fosters creativity, allowing folders with static images, gifs, videos, music, and 3D models to be utilized for token art. Such inclusivity contributes to the richness of the Nouns community's artistic expression.

Moreover, the Collection+ upgrade allows any NFT collection to adopt a nouns-style governance model, granting existing token governance capabilities without an entire system overhaul. This democratizing approach underscores Nouns Builders' commitment to inclusivity.

Section 3: The Nouns Community and Beyond - Looking Ahead

The developments within Nouns DAO and Nouns Builders illustrate a community deeply invested in its growth and evolution. The clash of opinions surrounding the upcoming Nouns Fork shows that decentralization entails open dialogue and decision-making, ensuring that every voice is heard.

The Bali upgrade by Nouns Builders reflects a commitment to continuous innovation and user-centric solutions. The introduction of new features not only enhances user experiences but also fosters a culture of experimentation and adaptation.

Beyond the immediate updates, the Nouns community has a lot to offer. Weekly public work sessions, onboarding calls, and guild meetings provide collaboration, learning, and growth spaces. Nouns Builders' BuilderBox and the Builder Channel on Farcaster facilitate communication and transparency, keeping community members connected.


In conclusion, the Nouns community's recent updates are a testament to the power of decentralized governance and innovation. Nouns DAO's and Nouns Builders' Bali upgrade showcase the community's dynamism and inclusivity. By embracing change and controversy, the Nouns community exemplifies the essence of decentralized decision-making, where diverse voices shape the future together.

Looking ahead, the Nouns ecosystem holds endless possibilities. With a passionate and engaged community, the Nouns project is poised to shape the future of NFTs and decentralized governance. As Nouns DAO and Nouns Builders continue to evolve and innovate, the Nouns community will remain a driving force in the ever-evolving world of blockchain and NFTs.

Collaboration is the key to success. By uniting our strengths and embracing change, we can create a bright future for the Nouns community and beyond.