Nounish Chronicles: The Candidates in Town, Zero-Vote Shenanigans, and More!

Get the scoop on the latest Nounville adventures! Explore Zero-Vote channels, creative extravaganzas, builder prop parties, and the fun-filled Lil Nouns marketing fiesta. Stay updated and stay groovy!

Hey there, fellow Noun enthusiasts! I hope you're riding the good vibes of a fantastic day. You know how life has a way of finding its rhythm, just like those friends who always surprise you with something unexpected. It's all about making those choices with a sprinkle of wisdom. So, let's dive into what's been cooking lately.

Meet the Cool Kids in Nounville

In the latest update to the Nouns DAO's front-end, our folks have unveiled this hip new feature called the candidate. Here's the scoop: you don't need a VIP pass to throw your project idea into the mix. Just pitch it, and wait for one of the awesome folks there to adopt it like a fairy godparent. But here's the catch – you gotta be quick because there are already eight eager beavers in line!

Let's Get in on the Group Decision Fun

Imagine this: an experiment with channels where your vote counts as zero. Anyone and their cat can join the action and have their say on Nouns DAO proposals. Even if you don't own a Noun or have a fancy title, your vote still matters, even if it's a big, fat zero. These votes are like the town gossip, out in the open and on the blockchain. You can catch all the juicy details in the NCD and Nouncil over on Discord.

The Lil Nouns Marketing Fiesta

This round is all about letting your creative beast roam free! They're on the lookout for Artists, Marketers, and Creatives, and it doesn't matter if you're a crypto whiz or just a regular creative genius. They want it all - art, videos, designs, web wizardry, social media magic - you name it, as long as it makes Lil Nouns shine. And here's the kicker, if the big shots at Lil Nouns DAO fancy your idea, you could score some sweet funding!

Join the Builder Prop House Party

The Builder Prop House Infinite Dev Round is still in full swing! They're all ears for any and all ideas. If your creative tank is running on empty, just pop by their Discord. You'll find some cool cats there, including their resident engineers, who can help you brainstorm like a champ. Oh, and there's a prize up for grabs – the Builder token. The top three proposals that check all the boxes and rack up votes will walk away with the loot. Calling all developers, this is your moment to shine and flaunt those skills. Check out the details over at Prop House right here.

The Age of Automation

In today’s high-tech world, automation is the name of the game! Nouns are getting a makeover with Zero-Vote channels, Builders are cozying up to bots and email notifications, and Lil Nouns is whipping up some fresh bots to keep the party going. Think of it as a pro tip for spicing up community incentives.

Catch you on the flip side, and remember, stay groovy!