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Sub-DAO Culture: Breaking Down The DAO

A typical NFT has nothing to offer but pixel art. Bring it up a notch, and perhaps you get some utility out of it, such as staking for passive income. At an even higher level, NFT projects can run a service that` generates profits and distributes them back to the holders. But all of this […]

Best CC0 NFT Projects To Look Out For

Ever since its inception, CC0 (C-C-Zero, not C-C-Oh) in NFTs has been an interesting concept to play with. The idea of NOT copyrighting an easily “copyable” digital artwork, ironically creating more value for the original artist, is indeed a fascinating phenomenon. And hence here at Art Haus, we have been diving deeper into the CC0 […]

On-chain NFTs and Why They’re Better

Before the blockchain, NFTs were just copies of digital art. So, I guess it’s safe to say that the creation of blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon helped pave the way for the rise of NFTs. However, not all NFTs “exist” in the same way. In an earlier article, we discussed the benefits of traditional copyrighted […]


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